Rising Sixth Grader?  Register for Cougar Premier Camp!

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Are you nervous about middle school?  Feeling stressed out?  Maybe even a little scared? If so, join us this summer for an orientation to learn about Google Classroom, schedules, and organization. We also cover dress code, how to open lockers, and tour the school…get all your questions answered! PLUS, you’ll get to meet some of our fabulous teachers.
Registration Fee— $80
Choose One:
Session 1 June 17th – 20th    (Monday – Thursday; 9 am- 12 pm)
Session 2 July 22nd – 25th  (Monday – Thursday; 9 am- 12 pm)
Go to https://gallery.mailchimp.com/28a5aa012aa129eae2ba3362e/files/b4286b3e-f83b-475f-9292-0209ee0c3bd0/Cougar_Premier_Flyer_2019.pdf