Don’t Forget to Return Important School Forms!

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Please remember to turn in the following important forms:

  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Student Handbook Acknowledgement Form: This is a removable form on the last page of the Student Handbook that indicate you and your child’s acknowledgment of school policies.
  • ALL households must return the FEA Form: This is the Federal Eligibility Application (FEA) for Free & Reduced Meals. Answers to any questions you may have about this program are listed on the form and at the link below. You must submit this form even if your family does not qualify for Free & Reduced Meal Program! If this program is not applicable to you, open your FEA pamphlet to the application page and tick the box indicating that you do not wish to apply. Please do fill in your children’s information as requested. Only one form per household is needed. This process may also be completed online.

You may also set up an online account for your child for days where they might forget their lunch at home or decide to eat a school lunch: Click here.