Cotillion Opportunity for GHES 5th Graders: Deadline Sept. 28

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Georgia Cotillion will be having classes for 5th grade students at the Swan Coach House in January 2016. There are four 90-minute classes each week beginning Tuesday, January 5, 2016. Our GHES students will be combined with students from Bolton Academy and Holy Spirit on Tuesdays from 6pm – 7:30pm — each class has a maximum of 36 students.

“The Georgia Cotillion is an organization that has been teaching children in the Metropolitan Atlanta Area for the past 15 years. The classes include manners on basic social skills and basic ballroom dancing. Some of the particulars are: Thank You notes, Table Manners, Personal Hygiene, Telephone Manners, Receiving Lines and important guidelines for “simply being considerate of others. We teach three points of good manners that help the students learn to get along with others: Always Use the Golden Rule, Always Do Your Best and Choose to do the Right Thing.”

Dinner and dessert will be served by The Swan Coach House at one of the classes – that class will last 30 minutes longer than usual. At other classes, simple refreshments will be served. The students are expect to dress appropriately. Girls in white gloves, dresses or skirts. Boys in coats and ties, with appropriate dress or school shoes (no tennis shoes, please).

The cost is $225/child (check made out to Georgia Cotillion). The deadline for sending the payments is Monday, September 28th. If you’re interested in having your child attend, please get payment to Heidi Moriarty (2664 Birchwood Drive) no later than 9/28. Questions, please call Heidi: 404-291-0058.