The Girl Scout Leadership Experience encompasses everything we know and love about Girl Scouts – troops, camp, patches, cookies, etc. – and enhances these elements with critical leadership processes and outcomes.

Garden Hills Elementary has a joint Brownie/Junior troop for our 2nd grade and above girls. We are also looking for volunteers to restart our Daisy troop (K-1).

Register or find out more by connecting to troop 18126 via this link.

You must create a Girl Scout account prior to registering your girl.  

(The website can be a bit confusing so feel free to contact if you need assistance)




Since its inception in 1920, the AAA School Safety Patrol™ program, has provided a safer environment and wide spectrum of educational opportunities for millions of school children. Each year, more than 630,000 children participate at over 32,500 schools throughout the country.  

The safety patrol program at Garden Hills involves kids in various duties to help ensure safety in and around the school, as well as on school buses. This well-supervised program also develops participants’ sense of responsibility.  The safety patrol creed accepted by the participants states that they will report for duty on time, perform their duties faithfully, report dangerous student practices,  and finally obey the teachers, administration and officers of the patrol.


LaAmistad, Spanish word for “friendship” serves over 50 Garden Hills students in afterschool enrichment and mentoring programs.  LaAmistad After School is a multi-dimensional afterschool program which places a heavy focus on tutoring the students to improve academic success and also on providing mentoring so each student has a role model to look up to.  The nonprofit also offers parents a range of programs from nutrition and finance to English as a Second Language.

LaAmistad always welcomes volunteers to read after school! For this and other volunteer opportunities, click here.




In DKC, children will discover the truths about living a principled life and learn what it really looks like to care for each other through relationship-building discussions and activities. The children will have a snack, enjoy music, crafts, games, reading, discussions, and have fun! Cost: $25, to cover snack and craft expenses.

Discovery Kids Club Leader: Mako Williams


Girls on the Run is a positive youth development program that creatively integrates running with an experienced-based curriculum designed to inspire girls in grades 3-5. The goal of the program is to unleash confidence through accomplishment while establishing a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness.  The program, which runs for 12 weeks directly after the school day, culminates in a celebratory 5K running event. Garden Hills is one of 85 metro Atlanta schools hosting a GOTR team.

Girls On The Run Team Leader: Krista Reilly



Our students lace up their running shoes every Tuesday and Thursday morning and join in the Morning Mile for 20 minutes of energizing exercise before school begins! Studies show that students who exercise before sitting down to their school work are better able to focus and learn! Students’ laps are tracked and prizes are given out at certain mileage levels. Morning Mile is open to students in Grades 1-5. To learn more about the Morning Mile Program, click here. To sign up to volunteer when it is convenient for you, click our Sign Up Genius for the program.

Questions about Morning Mile at GHES:



Garden Hills employs the Accelerated Reader Program (AR) to measure student progress and bolster interest in reading. Your child’s teacher will set a reading goal for your child based on their abilities indicated in early assessments when the school year begins. The students read books at or just above their level and take tests on those books through the AR program online. Students who achieve their goals by the dates set periodically for 25-, 50-, 75-, and 100% of their goal and maintain an 85% average on their AR tests will be rewarded at a celebration at each incremental milestone. Parents can read more about Accelerated Reader here.

To check your child’s progress, log in to Accelerated Reader using your child’s user name and password which your child’s teacher can provide for you.
To see if your child’s favorite book is an “AR Book”, click



Becoming a member of the Million Words Club is a challenge put forth to every student at Garden Hills to read 1 million words in one school year, while maintaining an 85% average or higher on reading quizzes.  Students are recognized school-wide and in newsletters when they reach the milestone.  The club meets once in the winter and once in the spring for a Book Swap.  Members have come from every grade level, including Kindergarten!



The GHES Reading Bowl Team consists of our most avid readers in the 3rd-5th Grades. The Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl takes place late January/early February each year, and is a competition based on a series of questions about a group of fifteen selected books. The students compete against other APS schools in rounds.

The Reading Bowl List is selected annually each spring, providing a superb reading list for the summer break, regardless of whether students join the Team! To see the selections for the January 2019 Reading Bowl, click here. The titles are pulled from the Georgia Book Awards Finalists List.

To learn more about the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl, click here.




The purpose of the Learning Garden Club is to help Garden Hills Elementary create, sustain, and use onsite gardens through plant-based learning, field trips, use of outdoor gardens, and plant activities in the classroom. Club members will participate in activities that increase science knowledge, sharpen math skills, spur literacy and support lessons in geography, writing, and social studies.

If you are interested in helping in our Learning Gardens, please contact 3rd Grade teacher, Katie Carlson:



Chorus: a 4th and 5th grade activity that promotes musical performance and school representation while traveling and sharing music with others.

Handbells: a prestigious 5th grade ensemble that performs for school and offsite events, promoting team building and musical relationship and skills.

If you have questions about these programs, please contact our Music teacher, Esther Domingo:



GHES 4th and 5th Graders may join our Stock Market Team to play in the Atlanta Public Schools Division Stock Market Game. Teams are given “$100,000” to invest. They may buy and sell stocks as often as they would like during the game period, which runs the course of a semester. The objective is to have the largest portfolio value at the end of the 10-week period.

GHES teams have a history of placing at the top of the APS Stock Market Game, having fun and learning a lot in the process!

School contact: Ms. Paige Lefont,

For more information about the Stock Market Game, click here



GHES has partnered with our after care provider, Kiddos, to offer multiple programs for our students.  Kiddos provides all programs on the GHES campus to make it convenient for our community. Extracurriculars sign up periods occur in August and January of every school year and general provide 8-10 options.

For more information on Kiddos extracurriculars, visit the Kiddos website.